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The Business Yogi: How to be happy at work

On Thursday 26th April we were delighted to welcome the launch of ‘The Business Yogi: How to be Happy at Work’ to our Club Workspace venue at The Leathermarket. The new book, that promises to provide readers with the ‘tools to be resilient, focused and positive in the workplace’, was written by Club Workspace member Sinead MacManus and Bridget Stacey Luff, a Yoga instructor who is also known as an AnUrbanOm!

Sinead and Bridget certainly know how to fill a room! Club Workspace was thronging with excited yoga-fans long before The Business Yogi double-act took to the stage. The book was flying off the shelves at Club Workspace! But not to fear, you can still get your hands on a copy. If you go to The Business Yogi website, you’ll be able to find details about the paperback, the Kindle release and the PDF download.

The time came for Sinead and Bridget to officially unveil 'The Business Yogi: How to be Happy at Work.'

Yogi Roots

Sinead explained that yoga was something that she had discovered during a hot summer in Sydney. She came from a Jazz dancing background and was looking for a new way to keep fit. Ashtanga Yoga provided the answer. Soon after trying yoga, Sinead became an überfan. It didn’t take long for her to realise that yoga isn’t just a keep-fit regime, it is a way-of-life that affects the body and mind.

The Business Yogi book started life as a series of blog posts on Sinead’s website. Sinead teaches digital wellbeing. In other words, she wants to make your work-life less-stressful. She noticed that her Business+Yoga blogposts were going down extremely well. She was onto a winning formula!

Bridget was the missing part of the puzzle. Sinead got in touch with Bridget and - Bob’s your uncle - the perfect co-authoring team was born.

Bridget explained that 10% of all profit made from the book will go to Yoga Stop Traffic - an organisation that raises awareness about human trafficking. Please, check out their video.

Yogi Tasters

After sharing the book’s genesis, Sinead and Bridget gave the audience some tasters of what was inside. Sinead read two passages that Bridget had contributed and Bridget did the same for a couple of Sinead’s extracts. The book is composed of themed episodes that can stand alone from each other. Sinead described the work as ‘the perfect loo book’ - you don’t need to read it cover-to-cover, you can dip into every time you’re on the lav. Or perhaps on the train, or the bus, or... anywhere less gross.

The advice that was shared in these four passages was really uplifting. For someone who hasn’t tried yoga before - like me! - I could easily see how the advice could help in business situations.

One of the passages focused on how yogic teachings can lighten the pressures of the social web. Sinead’s extract explained that Social Media is a powder-keg for the hyper-competitive. There’s always someone to measure yourself against. Social media gives the insecure the opportunity to compound their insecurities. With one easy search and click, you can be belittled by a bragging tweet or a self-aggrandising blog. Yoga teaches a person to exchange this online bragging culture for a fuller, calmer mindset that eschews such workaday pettiness.

Here are a few gems of advice that Sinead and Bridget - the business yogis! - shared with the audience. For more of the same, you’ll have to get your hands on the paperback!

-  When you’re stressed at work, lift the corners of your mouth. Don’t force a smile, just gently. You’ll realise the wonder of what a smile can do.

-  If you’ve got loads of crazy deadlines that’re all in the future, stop thinking about them. Live in the present. Do the work that needs to be done in the present moment. The future will take care of itself.

-  A guru is not someone to whom you hand over all of your power - a guru is someone who leads you to light. Be your own guru!

-  Remember: you are not one character. Don’t try and 'be' a certain kind of person. Don’t strive to become the 'perfect' salesman or the 'perfect' entrepreneur. Discover all the different aspects of yourself. You will become more empathetic, and less reliant on the habitual. A wider capacity for empathy will aid your ability to negotiate.

-  It’s okay not to know things! Accept that you don’t have to know it all. Learning is fine, and it admirable.

-  Yoga lets you get out of your head and into your body. The perfect after-work catharsis.

-  In yoga "your head, heart and belly are like the CIA, the FBI and the Police - they need to communicate!" - Bridget.

Thank you

Thank you, on behalf of Club Workspace, to Sinead and Bridget who have written a wonderful book. Your launch event was an absolute triumph. All the best for success in the literary field and best of luck with the urban retreats too! (Talk to Sinead about those!)

Another thank you, of course, to everyone who came along. After last night’s festivities, Phil & I are both proud owners of ‘The Business Yogi’, and we couldn’t be happier with our autographed editions!

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Happiness comes to them who opens their door for small treats that life provides to them. So be happy and live longer!

May 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterHappiness

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